Project Description

Personalised support to achieve your personal and business goals

Executive Coaching and Mentoring

Our expert coaches provide personalised support to enable you to achieve your personal and business goals.

Executive coaching can be delivered in person or remotely, at a time convenient to you. A good relationship with the coach is essential, so it starts with a no obligation “chemistry” session to ensure a good fit and agree how you will work together. Coaching objectives are agreed early on and your coach will provide the support and challenge you need to achieve your goals. We work in a way that works best for you. Coaching typically takes place over six x one-hour sessions giving you the opportunity to try things out and reflect between sessions.

On-demand Executive Coaching

For the duration of the Covid crisis we are offering single and follow-up, on-demand, executive coaching sessions for leaders or managers wanting to talk through an immediate issue they are grappling with. These virtual sessions can take place within 24 hours of being requested and may be possible to schedule in the evening or at the weekend if necessary.

Executive Team Coaching

Team coaching sessions focus on a particular aspect of collective leadership which the team wishes to explore. Chosen areas of focus have included: building personal and workforce resilience, modelling desired culture change and maximising the potential of the leadership team.

We understand that it is difficult for leadership teams to collectively take time out to look beyond immediate agenda items. This is hardly surprising given the pressures they face and the limited time leadership teams have together. Yet the impact can be transformational when they do. This is why our team coaching is typically delivered as short sessions following scheduled leadership team meetings or as part of a dedicated Team Day.