Project Description

Supporting People and Organisations to Develop, Adapt and Thrive

Strategic HR, Learning and Organisational Development

We recognise that it is difficult for Human Resources, Learning and Development and Organisational Development teams to drive and keep pace with change, whilst simultaneously trying to adapting themselves.

We can help relieve some of this pressure and move programmes of work on. We can audit your HR/L&D/OD functions and explore new approaches with them, help develop your strategy and plans, develop fresh approaches to the various employee touchpoints, including performance review and talent management. We also provide mentoring and coaching for HR/L&D/OD professionals.

Culture Change

If a brand doesn’t live on the inside, it can’t thrive on the outside.

Most organisations are having to make unprecedented changes to the way they operate and adapt in order to keep up with the sheer pace of change, in an increasingly volatile and uncertain operating environment. Yet culture is typically much slower to change. But how can you change or recalibrate your culture quickly, in order to support and enable these significant changes?

We offer a whole range of support to enable you to align your organisational culture with changing requirements: we can help you to identify what the required shifts are, if any, and measure the gap between current and desired state typically by means of a validated culture audit. We can help you to formulate and implement a culture change strategy and plan, and measure progress against that plan. If you need assistance implementing any elements of culture change we can help with that too.

Engaging Hearts and Minds

Research has proved a strong correlation between staff engagement and business outcomes. It is a key motivational driver and a key factor building trust and commitment. Yet this is something that many organisations struggle with, particularly when under extreme pressure or when the workforce is working remotely.

We can help by auditing levels of engagement or analysing existing results of staff survey or other metrics as a basis for advising on measures you can take to increase levels of engagement across the workforce. Willpower can work with you to co-create a practical strategy for increasing levels of engagement which takes account of your constraints and delivers results. And we can be there for you if you need help with implementation.