Project Description

Build trust, engage and inspire action by telling your story with skill and authenticity

Story telling for Leaders

What’s your story? We can help you discover your unique leadership presence so that you can build trust, inspire and motivate. We help you find your authentic voice as a leader, refine your message and then support you to craft and tell your signature story.

Through personalised coaching sessions you’ll discover and hone your unique leadership story, tapping into your core purpose and values and the key experiences which shaped them. Our professional speaker Sally Sheen, will enable you to tell your story with maximum impact and provide hands-on support to develop visuals if you choose to use them.

If you simply want help with a presentation or pitch, we can help with that too.

Organisational Narrative and Team Stories

Would you like to turn your strategic plan and values into a simple story that inspires?

We work with you to develop a simple organisational narrative which builds understanding and commitment by bringing your values and strategy to life and making an emotional connection.

If you are struggling to achieve buy-in to change, we can enable you and your people to co-create change stories which genuinely address hopes and fears, and engage both hearts and minds.

We will then put this into a format which works for you, for example a short animation, video, posters or written material.

If you are looking to make a broader cultural shift, a business storytelling masterclass or workshop for leaders can help increase engagement through storytelling at all levels within your organisation.

Customer Journey and Team Stories

Imagine if your staff and customers genuinely felt that they were heroes of your organisational story?

We can help you to put your staff and customers at the heart of your organisation’s story, working with groups of staff and customers to elicit their stories which bring your values and vision to life. This enables you to weave them into the broader organisational narrative, increasing ownership engagement and commitment.

This approach can also be used to engage staff and customers in the process of improving customer experience and can be a helpful method for breaking down internal silos and strengthening the internal customer service chain.