Project Description

Increase the resilience of your people and organisation

Stress Audit

If you want to manage workplace stress more effectively, futureproof your organisation by increasing workforce resilience, or simply want to better understand how your people are coping, we can help.

Our approach is customised to your particular needs and objectives. Data is typically gathered via a validated workforce survey. This can be supplemented by face to face or virtual focus groups or interview and / or a review of relevant existing data such as relevant HR statistics, depending on the nature and scale of intervention you require.

We will provide a clear and concise report which highlights strengths and potential areas for improvement, along with options and recommendations and present and discuss it with your leadership or management team at no extra cost.

Personal Resilience Coaching

Many of our clients find themselves faced with what Professor Keith Grint describes as “wicked problems” – complex problems for which there is no blueprint and no ready answers. Many are discovering that leadership styles and strategies which served them well in the past will not guarantee future success in an increasing volatile and uncertain world. This calls for resilient leadership. At the heart of resilient leadership is the ability to adapt, personally and organisationally, to adversity, setback, and uncertainty.

The good news is that personal resilience is not a fixed trait – there are tried and tested methods to increase your resilience quotient and tap into it when you need to. Specialist resilience coaching for leaders and managers will enable you to increase your resilience for the benefit of yourself, your team, your organisation and family.

Leadership resilience coaching will enable you to recognise and tap into your innate internal and external resilience resources and develop resilient thinking, behaviours and strategies geared to current and anticipated challenges.

Your sessions will be with an executive coach specialising in stress and resilience and takes place over a series of six, one hour sessions which can take place virtually.

Team Resilience

The pressure on teams to continuously change and adapt has never been greater and as the pace of change continues to accelerate something will eventually give. will increase over time. As a result, organisations are recognising that they need to move beyond wellbeing support by increasing resilient capabilities of their teams.

Team Resilience Sessions can be held face to face or virtually and enable the team to:

Measure team resilience against the key dimensions of resilience

Explore their individual and team resilience profiles

Develop a growth mindset, resilient thinking and behaviours

Agree strategies for managing stress within the team

If you want to future proof your team and enable them to gear up for the next level of performance you will find our Team Resilience Sessions invaluable.

Coaching and Counselling for Stress and Burnout

Our coaches and counsellors are psychologically trained stress specialists, with a deep understanding of workplace pressures and organisational dynamics. They have successfully coached clients wanting to develop their coping mechanisms and those suffering from burnout.


Our stress coaches combine a cognitive-behavioural approach with practical strategies and skills development to address underlying work related issues, including managing difficult working relationships and organisational dynamics.


There may be times when issues are more deep rooted and counselling is a more appropriate option. Our counselling services are provided by a highly qualified and experienced mental health practitioner and with 25 years experience within the NHS. He can help when the psychological impact of stress is more deep rooted.